An Educational Spring Break for Kids in Costa Rica

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4 ways to enrich your kids’ learning experience while on Spring Break in Costa Rica


Spring Break in Costa Rica is an adventure for the whole family. Traveling to another country is an exciting time: everything is different and new. People everywhere have different ways of living. The landscape, the animals, the customs, and the language are all unique learning opportunities for everyone in the family, but especially for the kids.

Let’s face it: where else are kids going to get the opportunity to see an anteater, a slot, a toucan or a Scarlett Macaw in the wild and then discuss their habitat?

Whether homeschooled or attending public, private, or charter school, a minimal amount of effort can turn Spring Break into a two-week-long enrichment program while still being on vacation.

Here are 5 ideas to create shareable spring break family memories to take home with you.

Before you head out to explore Costa Rica, spend a day or two in San José looking around. Gather travel brochures and guides to help you plan activities and get the kids involved.

The Central Market in San José is a crash course in Costa Rican culture. The market takes up an entire city block with shops and stalls displaying the country’s produce. The whole family can get involved finding out what grows here; look for examples of fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural specialties of Costa Rica. Stop for a snack at one of the sodas—small diners that make and sell typical Costa Rica food, such as gallo pinto.

The Children’s Discovery Museum features hands-on exhibits that allow everyone to explore how stuff works. From the Art Loft to the Rainbow Market to the Wonder Cabinet, interactive exploration engages kids’ curiosity and imagination to make learning easy and fun.

Closer to Jacó and Croc’s is Manuel Antonio National Park. At Manuel Antonio, you can combine exploration of the rainforest and its inhabitants with a beach trip. From the park’s entrance, the trail to the beach leads through the rainforest. Play “I Spy” to see who can spot the most animals and birds: sloths, monkeys, caimans, and colorful birds. Bonus points for hiring a naturalist guide to help everyone see and learn about the park’s flora and fauna. (Tip: the park is especially popular, and entrance could be capped later in the day. Plan to arrive early, bring drinks and lunch, and eat on the white-sand beach.)

For a long day out, consider a tour to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. With 8 distinct ecosystems in the park and more than 8 miles of trails, the family is practically guaranteed to see birds, mammals, amphibians and more. The resplendent quetzal, as shy as it is colorful, lives here as do about 400 other bird species. All 6 members of Costa Rica’s indigenous cats live within the reserve too. Be sure your tour includes a naturalist guide, so you’ll see all the plants and animals on display throughout Monteverde. How many different species can you spot? (Wear long pants and sturdy shoes and bring a rain poncho or light jacket to help you stay dry—it is a cloud forest after all.)

Finally, enjoy the sun and surf at Croc’s, because it’s right on the beach! And, while you’re at it, why not teach the kids about conservation by helping clean up any trash you might find on the beach, discuss the importance of leaving shells and coral where you find them, and talking about how even though the ocean is full of water, we still need to conserve fresh water.

Reach out today and start planning your tours and activities for the entire family with the concierge team at Croc’s.

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