Packing for Green Season in Costa Rica

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A guide to help you decide what you need and what you don’t for your Costa Rica vacation during the rainy season

Packing for Costa Rica’s rain season only means a few slight alterations to your normal list for must bring vacation items.

Costa Rica’s green season doesn’t mean rain all day every day, so there’s no need to worry about your vacation being ruined. In fact, green season is one of the best times to visit: fewer visitors, greener countryside, and lower prices. The green season runs from May – December on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast. Typically, the mornings are bright and sunny, with rains in the afternoon, clearing again in the evening hours. Some days, it won’t rain at all. Knowing what to pack can help you make the most of your time in Costa Rica, regardless of your itinerary.

You’ll want to pack the usual items: toiletries, insect repellant, sunscreen, and sunglasses, as well as shorts, tops, and swimsuits. If you plan on dining out at a nice restaurant, women should pack a nice outfit and for men, lightweight trousers and sport shirt—think smart casual. Try to select breathable, quick-drying clothing that doesn’t tend to wrinkle too badly—cotton or a poly-cotton blend. Add a pair of closed-toed shoes to the sandals; you’ll need them for some activities.

Your rain gear should include:

  • Rain boots/shoes – This is in addition to the shoes above as you don’t want to wear wet, muddy shoes 24/7. Remember to toss in a pair of socks, or two pairs so you’ll have dry feet.
  • Water shoes – From whitewater rafting to kayaking to splashing in the surf, you’ll protect your feet from cuts and scrapes.
  • Lightweight jacket/rain poncho – A poncho is an excellent addition to your wardrobe; it’s compact and easily portable. You can also slip your day pack underneath a poncho to keep it dry.
  • Sweater/sweatshirt – You’d be surprised, but it can be chilly from time to time, especially at higher elevations, such as Monteverde.
  • Broad-brimmed hat – You’ll need this if you opt for a jacket instead of a poncho; it’ll pack easier if it’s a “crushable” hat.
  • Umbrella – A compact, collapsible umbrella could be a lifesaver in a sudden shower.
  • Dry bag/day pack – You’ll be able to carry essentials without worrying about them getting wet.
  • Waterproof camera protection – You won’t have to worry about ruining expensive camera equipment. Add a few silica gel packs to your equipment bag to keep humidity under control.
  • Waterproof smartphone case – Keeping your phone dry and protected from bumps and thumps will keep you from worrying about damage.


If there are laundry services or facilities at your hotel, you can pack more lightly. You can also cut down on baggage by buying sunscreen, mosquito repellant, or whatever you forgot when you get to Croc’s. Jacó is a bustling town, with everything you need to make your Costa Rica vacation a success. Get in touch with the staff; they’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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