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Create a photo journal to show off your favorite Costa Rica vacation memories to friends and family

Photo journals can be a way to create tangible memories of your trip to Costa Rica. The home of Pura Vida with exotic animals and birds, verdant landscapes, and spectacular sunsets will give you plenty to capture in a photo journal.

There’s an app for sharing that Costa Rica vacation memory

First things first, think about how you’ll share your images. Do you plan to post to Facebook and Instagram? If you want to create a keepsake journal, there are several apps for iPhone, iPad, Windows, or Android to help you plan and layout your journal.

These are some of the best across all platforms, even email:

  • For its intuitive interface, Day One works well for quick entries using Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Diarium allows you to dictate entries for Android and Windows, easy integration
  • Glimpses is a free journaling app for Windows
  • Journey makes journaling easy and syncs on any platform
  • Penzu works well for blog-type entries on the web or with iOS or Android
  • me, an email app that’s good for a targeted audience
  • If automated journaling appeals, Momento, an iOS app, uses your social media feeds
  • Grid Diary’s iOS template makes journaling easy
  • Five Minute Journal for iOS and Android users when time’s a consideration

Your choice also depends on whether you want an online journal or prefer to create an offline one. If you choose to use an online version, your phone will record and sync your pictures and notes to a website to share with the gang at home. Offline journal apps, which you buy, keep everything private on your phone.


Tips and Tricks

Your first consideration is the Costa Rica vacation journal itself; it should not only reflect your personality but also capture the essence of your trip. Moleskine, Midori, and Traveler’s Notebook are quality brands. The Traveler’s Notebook is particularly versatile with a variety of inserts to tailor it to your preferences.

Collect more than pictures for your journal: ticket stubs, postcards, leaves or flowers; really, anything you think will add interest.

When taking pictures of the people and places, remember you’re telling a story and think about how your followers will “read” the picture. Perhaps it’s a scarlet macaw perched in a tree or a street vendor selling his wares, whatever your answer, that’s the focal point of your photo. The same idea applies to landscape shots, you’ll need a point of interest in the shot.

Make notes of what you shoot and where, also make a note of your impressions. It’s all too easy to forget the locations or subjects of your pictures later. Jotting a few notes will help you remember and add a bit of flare. this doesn’t have to be a diary, just a note or two.

With the arrival of all things digital, people are sharing their vacation snaps on social media. Check out these ideas on Instagram (#crocscasinoresort) and share your Costa Rica vacation memories with friends and family.


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