Your Guide to Carara National Park

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A vacation in Costa Rica means discovering a world full of adventure, sailing through the tropical canopy, spotting native flora and fauna, bird watching, and spending time in the country’s natural elements to the utmost extent. Jacó, Costa Rica, just southwest of San José, is the perfect destination for adventure-seekers, allowing you to stay at the gateway of the area’s national parks. Our surf town offers so much more than just a bustling nightlife, with unique surprises for visitors at every turn. There’s no better time than the present to enjoy thrilling Jacó and Carara National Park! 

Croc’s Resort & Casino places you and yours right at the Pacific’s edge, giving you an experience like no other. Our luxury resort will soon become your haven of peace, where the ocean breeze and surrounding landscape awaken all senses! A short drive up the coast from our Jacó casino resort leads to the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Carara National Park, one of the country’s many national gems and a popular Costa Rica birding spot. Keep reading for our local guide to all things Carara—

Explore the Pristine Rainforest of Carara National Park

South of Rio Tarcoles, Carara National Park is filled with a plethora of stunning native wildlife. You can spot its large population of scarlet macaws, various monkeys, leaf-cutter ants, anteaters, parrots, kingfishers, and more! A small series of trails lead through the primary and secondary forest, with one accessible loop. As one of the best birding spots in all of Costa Rica, it’s the perfect place to capture some beautiful snapshots of the over 400-identified species. We want all our guests to be respectful rainforest visitors, making sure to walk slowly, observe quietly, and not disturb any wildlife or fellow forest-goers. 

The park also offers up easy hiking opportunities, with two specific trails. Laguna Meandrica trail sits parallel to the Río Grande de Tárcoles and is closed during the height of green season, as the river floods. Araceas Nature trail is a simple hiking loop that begins and ends at the main Quebrada Bonita ranger station. Be prepared to spot even more wildlife! 

You can always explore the park grounds on your own, but a guided tour makes things much more enjoyable and memorable. Our diverse wildlife masterfully hides in the dense jungles, making it harder to spot them without some trained eyes. Knowledgeable guides will point out so much more than you’d ever imagine or notice on your own! 

Croc’s Resort concierge can help you select and schedule the best Carara National Park tours for you and your party. Just ask, and we’ll take care of the rest. Book your adventurous Jacó stay direct with us online today!

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