Travel Agency Partners

We value your business want you to know we are committed to excellence in our partnership. Croc’s Resort & Casino offers timely commission payments, up-to-date information, and outstanding service to our Travel Agency Partners.

Commission Payments to Travel Agents

Croc’s Resort & Casino guarantees to pay commission to registered travel agencies on commissionable rates in applicable distribution systems such as the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) or thru our Sales Department.
Croc’s Resort & Casino pay commission for each consumed night at an eligible rate. Commission is not paid on rates that are net/non-commissionable (such as government rates), wholesale rates, corporate negotiated rates, any internet-only rate programs, and any awards.
Taxes, fees, gratuities, and some package elements/add-ons are not commissionable.
A valid agency number from a certified agency association (i.e., IATA, CLIA, TRUE) must be included at the time of booking for commission payment to be processed and paid to the travel agency after the guest checks out.
Commissions will not be paid on canceled, no-show reservations, or the lost nights resulting from a shortened stay.
Please ensure your W-9 information is up to date.
For Direct commissionable bookings we do require you to submit an invoice within 30 days of clients check out date. Please send W9 and Invoice to [email protected] Subject “Travel Agency Partner Invoice for Commission Payment”
GDS bookings will be paid by Onyx payment system.
Sabre 66260|Pegasus 110201|Amadeus SJOCRO|Galileo C3713
WorldSpan SJOCR| Travel Web Net 11021

Commission Help Desk

We are pleased to offer support to Travel Agents for the payment of commissions on eligible reservations.
Assistance is available for claimed commissions that are at least 30 days after the guest departure and for reservations that are not more than 12 months past the guest departure date. See contact details.

Reservation Requests

Travel agencies located outside of Costa Rica can contact Sales Manager Angela Arthur [email protected], check with your favorite tour operator or use the following codes via GDS Platform.

Sabre 66260|Pegasus 110201|Amadeus SJOCRO|Galileo C3713
WorldSpan SJOCR| Travel Web Net 11021

Sales Suite

Croc’s Resort & Casino is committed to helping you sell! We invite you to download any materials included on our website to help you succeed. This includes photos in our Gallery.
Your Sales Manager is
Angela Arthur
[email protected]


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Travel Professional Contacts

If you are experiencing any difficulty in the collection of commissions you may either contact us via telephone or email.
Toll Free 1-800-809-5506
Direct +506-4001-5398
WhatsApp +506-8770-7594

Thank you for your support in promoting Croc’s Resort & Casino!
Croc’s Resort & Casino Staff

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Agents can Download images from gallery pages please include this Gallery Disclaimer where you see fit
Travel agent partners may promote CRC via their website(s) and online marketing material(s) by using the logo, graphics, and images available on the Crocs Resort & Casino website. Additionally, Travel agent partners may post, via social media pictures which they have taken, provided they are not derogatory in any way whatsoever. Further, travel partner agent acknowledges that the logos, graphics, and images (including without limitation, all content, text, images, media, pictures and other materials available under the Gallery Images link) are proprietary to or licensed by Croc’s Resort & Casino, protected under copyright and other intellectual property laws, and may not be reproduced, transmitted, displayed, published or distributed in any way inconsistent with these Terms & Conditions without the express prior written consent of Croc’s Resort & Casino.
Logo, graphics and images downloaded from the Gallery images link can only be used to promote Croc’s Resort & Casino and cannot be used with materials that promote any competitors. CRC logos shall not be used on any materials that do not also contain the travel agency’s logo, which must be larger and more prominent than the Croc’s Resort & Casino logo. At no point should the use of logo, graphics or images be used in a way that may confuse consumers as to whether the travel agency is acting on behalf of the Resort or is endorsed by Croc’s Resort & Casino.

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